Monday, May 5, 2014

Christy Tomlinson "She Matters" art retreat 2014

A few weeks ago I had an amazing art experience with the one and only Christy Tomlinson!!! She held a small art retreat in her home for 8 lucky ladies. I was one of them!!! For 6 days we lived in her house and arted in her personal studio!!! Let me just AMAZING!!!! 

If you get a chance to go to a "She Matters Art Retreat"...let me say...."DO"!!!!! You will love it!!!
When we got out of the car this was what created us....the yard set up for chatting:):)
these little teepees were so cute:):

Here is my bed for the next few days:) Little Ethan graciously gave up his bed for me...thank you Ethan:):) Every night we went to bed ...Christy had gifts for us waiting on our beds:):)
...and the food table was set with a different plate setting every single meal we had there. With amazing decorations as well. Her BFF Margie was the decorator for the retreat.

Christy's hubby made the cabinet to hold all the different place settings...he made several cabinets.
We even got to shop in the Scarletlime warehouse while we were there. That is me with Chrisy's amazing hubby...BEN. We did lots of shopping!!!

I took several breaks on the hammock in the yard...sigh....

Went out to lunch one day...Back row...Donna, Helen.. next row, Linda, Lori, Stacey....and front row..Me, and Christy.

She took us to this very cool 50 year old hamburger shop.
Then we had wonderful lectures and how to moments with Christy in her studio several days.

 part 1
 part 2

Me working on the above canvas.
the finish of the above canvas:):)
                              ......other pieces I worked on while there....
                              I still need to finish this one....
                                    Big canvas.....start....
 ....then she wanted us to block out most of the canvas and focus on a design...I chose words.... still needs work....some white doodle work for sure....its coming in the mail will finish it when it gets here:):)

The whole class.....I really enjoyed this week...Thanks again Ben and Christy for all your love and hospitality.

Again I say to you...if you get a chance to go...DO!!!
You will not regret it:):)

Christy's website is HERE


Nancy said...

What an enriching time you all had! Wonderful experience. I admire Christy for doing all of this in her home- can't imagine preparing for such an event.

Marlynne said...

What a fun time I'm sure! Your apron is darling!

Marrianna said...

Thank you so much, Sandie, for sharing your experience. I so look forward to seeing the finished artwork AND the treasures you found in Christy's warehouse and the antique shopping in town. Good for you.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Wow! How fun that must have been! Love the pieces you created.

Eden said...

Sandy, I love your creativity and spirit!! Awesome inspiration here :)

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