Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Judy Niemeyer Class ...Taught by Jackie Kunkel

 I flew back to Arizona for a visit...and while I was there.... I took a Judy Niemeyer class over at Quiltz. The Certified instructor was Jackie Kunkel. AMAZING teacher!!!! If you ever see her name pop up at one of your shops...take her class. The quilt project was the Golden Harvest. (picture below)

Jackie's Golden Harvest

Jackie and I (selfie)
My space as I'm working away :)

Lots of demos

After 2 days this is how far I got...My little Janome started to smoke...literally!!! I had to stop sewing...machine broke down.
Some of the class mates brought finished quilt tops they made in another Jackie class. So she could see them..they were all beautiful!!!

Here is Jackie's next class...wish I could take it...but I will be in the Cayman Islands at that time :)

....and finally here is the class photo....
Lots of fun...can't wait until I can take another one of her classes.

Hope all is well with you my friends...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm Teaching My First online class

I am so excited to tell ya'll... that I am teaching my very first online class. It's over on Instagram. 
Class started this morning...and the ladies are already having a blast!!!
This morning they are working on their covers.
A bit of collage.
A bit of paint.

Then lots of mark making!!!

So, much fun!!!! They are all learning how to make art journals:):)

That's what I am up to today....
thanks for stopping by:)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

House Settling Update...

Hello Lovely friends...I have been so busy setting up my new house that I have not had much time to create art...or you could say its a different kind of painting old furniture and stressing it. (shabby chic )     I have moved to Florida to be closer to my Mom. And I decided to set my studio up the way I have always wanted to do...using old furniture. I wanted my space to have more character and less Ikea like:):)     So...I have spent the last 2 months painting so much furniture...when I get it all done I will NEVER want to see Annie Sloan paint again..LOL!!!!!!
So, please enjoy this peek into my studios:):)

I squeezed all the modern stuff (ikea) into the I can close the curtain and not see it:):)

I did keep my Ikea butcher block...LOVE that thing...its perfect:):) 
and those windows open to show off the beautiful GREEN backyard:):) 
Used to Arizona brown backyards:)
I have since hung lots of art work to fill in the holes on the walls.

That piece is also more just holds a lot of stuff and I just couldn't not use:):) But ever piece you have seen...was brown at one time...and I have Annie Sloaned (chalk paint) it ALL...then took a sander to them and stressed them up:):) LOVE!!!!!

So, the studio in Az was so big everything fit into one big room...not here. I had to use up 3 rooms to get everything I owned to fit:):) So, I basically took over the entire top floor of this house:):) The above room was my Art room (mixedmedia space)

This is my Sewing/Quilting room .... I just finished it yesterday...but these are the pics of it in the process:):)

Still trying to shove as much of the modern stuff in to a closet as I can.
My fabric stand starting to be filled:):)

This was the last piece to organize...I have a good collection of doilies, hankies, and all kinds of vintage fabric finds...but have always stuck them in a box...not knowing what I had or how much I had...LOL!!! Karen just saw this piece and even wanted to know where I got ALL this stuff...I told her I got with her, but because I just shoved it in a box after each shopping trip...I just never knew how much I had :):) ...So, my good friend Karen Valentine has this shoe cubby in her studio where all this yummy stuff is I made a mental note to try and do the same one day :):) and I did...this is another piece I found that I had to paint..and stress:):) The is a short video posted below:):)

Well...that my dear friends is what I have been up to:):)
(me all dressed up for the first time in months)
after I got out from under all the dust and boxes

thanks for stopping by....
Much love

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Hop Across the Ocean

    I had the great opportunity to go and visit a good friend ( Emily) at her Cayman Island house. It was for only 5 days....but, oh was it a great five days :):) Here are my photos of the trip....Enjoy!!!

This is Emily and her BEAUTIFUL backyard:):)


It just doesn't get any better than this:)

                                                Here is the view from my bedroom window.
While I was there we got some arting done.... above is me finger painting.

Emily made a Grand Cayman art journal...and she asked me to play in I put one of my girls in it.

I collected shells on our beach walks and did some doodles on them.  Emily had her own set...I just wanted to bring my own set home with me.  I brought these home to finish up and place somewhere to remind me of paradise.

We went to Rum Point for lunch and art journaling:):)

Love this sign.... No frowning allowed here:):)


       This is a collaborative spread in my journal...Emily made the painty circles in the middle...and I did the doodle flowers all around.

Thanks sooooo much Emily for the wonderful time in your Cayman home....Absolutely Lovely:):)
 I have never felt so relaxed on vacation as I was there:):)
....also Emily gifted me with this coffee I don't drink coffee....I'm a huge sherbet and ice cream eater!!!
LOVE this mug:):)

Thanks for stopping by to visit.



Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy Art Swap....September

It has been awhile since I have shared the Happy Art Swap with you....I have just been soooo busy. I am always amazed by the creativity of this group of Ladies :):) Please enjoy this show and tell.

Kim H from Connecticut (above)

Leta M from Nevada

Kelli R from Australia 

Jill A from Massachusetts 

                                                                Rachel E from UK
                                                          Sarah M from Australia
                                                             Kelley H from Minnesota
                                                            Syda H from California
Kathy M from New Hampshire

Sue M from Australia 

Rachel M from Florida

and finally .... Carla M from The Netherlands:):)

Awesome month of cards!!!
This month was also the "FAVORITE" card contest...and I had 2 winners.

Carla M and her wonderful zentangle pumpkins.

and Sue M...with her wonderful flower cards.

Each winner will receive their 3 cards for the swap 4 extras each:):)
Congrats Ladies:):)

By the time you are seeing this post....I will be in the Cayman Islands visiting a dear friend :):)
Enjoying the ocean breezes, long walks on the beach, and making art messes in our journals.

Will post pics when I get back :)
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