Friday, October 10, 2014

A Hop Across the Ocean

    I had the great opportunity to go and visit a good friend ( Emily) at her Cayman Island house. It was for only 5 days....but, oh was it a great five days :):) Here are my photos of the trip....Enjoy!!!

This is Emily and her BEAUTIFUL backyard:):)


It just doesn't get any better than this:)

                                                Here is the view from my bedroom window.
While I was there we got some arting done.... above is me finger painting.

Emily made a Grand Cayman art journal...and she asked me to play in I put one of my girls in it.

I collected shells on our beach walks and did some doodles on them.  Emily had her own set...I just wanted to bring my own set home with me.  I brought these home to finish up and place somewhere to remind me of paradise.

We went to Rum Point for lunch and art journaling:):)

Love this sign.... No frowning allowed here:):)


       This is a collaborative spread in my journal...Emily made the painty circles in the middle...and I did the doodle flowers all around.

Thanks sooooo much Emily for the wonderful time in your Cayman home....Absolutely Lovely:):)
 I have never felt so relaxed on vacation as I was there:):)
....also Emily gifted me with this coffee I don't drink coffee....I'm a huge sherbet and ice cream eater!!!
LOVE this mug:):)

Thanks for stopping by to visit.



Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy Art Swap....September

It has been awhile since I have shared the Happy Art Swap with you....I have just been soooo busy. I am always amazed by the creativity of this group of Ladies :):) Please enjoy this show and tell.

Kim H from Connecticut (above)

Leta M from Nevada

Kelli R from Australia 

Jill A from Massachusetts 

                                                                Rachel E from UK
                                                          Sarah M from Australia
                                                             Kelley H from Minnesota
                                                            Syda H from California
Kathy M from New Hampshire

Sue M from Australia 

Rachel M from Florida

and finally .... Carla M from The Netherlands:):)

Awesome month of cards!!!
This month was also the "FAVORITE" card contest...and I had 2 winners.

Carla M and her wonderful zentangle pumpkins.

and Sue M...with her wonderful flower cards.

Each winner will receive their 3 cards for the swap 4 extras each:):)
Congrats Ladies:):)

By the time you are seeing this post....I will be in the Cayman Islands visiting a dear friend :):)
Enjoying the ocean breezes, long walks on the beach, and making art messes in our journals.

Will post pics when I get back :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Quilt Show....and Update on Me:)

 WOW!!! I can't believe it has been almost 2 months since I have last posted here on my blog!!! I have been sooooo busy these last several months.

First thing...I have moved!!!
My Hubs and I have bought a house back in our home town in Florida.
 I needed to be closer to my Mom at this time in her, we went on ahead and found a lovely home just down the street from her and my sister.

    So, I packed up my little Mini Cooper...filled with my sewing machines and my 2 little poodles...and off I went. Hubs can't come at this time because of we will be traveling back and forth until He can sell the house and move to Florida permanently.

It has been a huge blessing to be close to my Mom again. I love spending time with her. My sister is here too, with her kids...and my youngest Son too.
I have really missed my family since we moved feels great to be back.

I got to take my Mom to the local Quilt show here. 
She really enjoyed seeing all the quilts.

Here are some pics for you to enjoy :) 
(There are some awesome quilters here in Jacksonville, FL)

My favorite quilt of the show turns out to be just below....
....and to make it even more awesome!!!!
One very super ambitious Lady made the above quilt in mini form!!!
I put my Mom next to show you just how small this Talented Quilter made her version.
AWESOME!!! Right?!!
Of Quilt Show is complete without the SHOPPING parts:):)

Mom and I had a wonderful day walking around and seeing all the quilts, shopping, and running into friends whom I haven't seen since I left, almost 6 years ago.
It is sooooo good to be home.
I am after all a Momma's girl:):)

Settling in here at the new house...I promise to start posting more often:):)

Thanks for stopping by..


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Judy Niemeyer Quilt Retreat

      I just spent the most wonderful week in Kalispell Montana with a great group of gals....and an awesome quilt teacher.....Eileen Urbanek. We all learned how to put together the Glacier Star Pattern by Judy Niemeyer. We stayed in the Quiltworx retreat house on the Flathead Lake. (wonderful)

The views are AMAZING!!!!!!!

      We did one field trip day....and went to the quilt shop that Judy first started in. Before she became the "Judy Niemeyer". Very nice shop. And we got to tour the "Quiltworx" headquarters as well. (very cool)
                                     .....the different parts to my quilt that I worked on.....
                                                        .....coming together......
      Pam on the left working on her quilt...and Christy on the right working on hers.......Love how we all made the same quilt...but our color choices made each soooo different, and wonderful!!!!
        ...... Here you see Eileen explaining to Terri and Gwen the process of the stacked seams.....
....Terri and her quilt....Looking good....Looking good :):)

                                              .....Me working away on my quilt pieces......
                 Me and Eileen..... She is the MOST amazing Certified Instructor on the planet:):)
                                           Our group for the week.....(two missing)
       We also got an amazing show and tell....first Eileen's quilts.....she has made 80 Judy quilts:):)

                                                                       Just amazing!!!

and I will end this post with one more wonderful view from the retreat house deck....sigh.....I could sit here all day long:):) They said you can usually see the mountains really good...but there are fires in  the next state....and the smoke was hiding the views. Which makes me excited to go back again....because these views were wonderful even with the smoke.

I would recommend the retreats at Quiltworx any if you get the chance....DO!!!

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