Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Necklace with Karen Valentine

      I took an AWESOME class with the ever lovely Karen Valentine!!! She taught the "Altered Tin Keepsake Necklace" class at Audrey's a few weeks ago....and I was excited to get in on the action. Above is her sample with my kit for class.

Fun was had by everyone...here you can see sweet Marrianna working intently on her red tin.
All done:):) .....and posing with the teacher:)) I always have a good time with my friend Karen.
Class photo of all the finished necklaces...Thanks again Karen for a wonderful class.

Thanks for stopping by:):)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Where Bloggers Create Studio Tour

It is that time of year again!!!!  Where Blogger's Create Studio Tour with Karen Valentine:):) WELCOME to my studio.     I am also having 2 give-a-ways at the end of this post. One for my Quilty friends and one for my Mixed media friends. 
 I have been super busy creating a very new Happy Art Place. LOL...if you look at my studio file...you will find that I have had 4 different places to do my art since I moved to Arizona. I just couldn't find the right fit...that made me happy...and want to hang out all day and create:):) But, I believe I have finally found my art home ... well, I know I have...cause my family can never seem to get me out of my studio:):)
Remember where this all started? (above) It was a 3rd car garage facing the back of my house. The wall on the right is my kitchen wall inside the house.
I am very glad to say...it looks a wee bit different now.... come with me and lets take a look:):)
This is the same corner as above.... I am VERY organized now!!! I even got a label maker for Christmas...and have labeled everything. Anyone can come in here and find what they need..
 This is the captains chair of this spaceship:):) All my must haves are near me...so I can be creative at any moment:)
I have 3 of these Ikea carts...LOVE them...with the tile floors they move super easy.
                                                ....sigh.... just makes me so happy.....
         I even have goodies hiding under the tables..... The door on the left goes into my kitchen. I now have 3 work spaces to play on...my desk, the brown one in the middle (which I plan on dressing up) and the Ikea butcher block near the french doors:):)
I will paint the top of this table white...then add fun colors to it...leaving the legs black.

   The glass doors...used to be the garage door...now just very pretty french doors. (that my poodles like looking out of) I have my TV, which is on wheels so I can move it to face which ever table I am sitting on. (my son put them on for me:):) My comfy chair for reading or drawing...and snuggling poodles:)

My butcher block....which I love because it is tall...so I don't have to sit if I don't want to.
You can see the curtains I made behind the butcher block.
More storage and things that make me happy:):)
Under my bears I keep all the art journals I have made and filled...truthfully only 4 of them are filled:):) The rest I'm working on:):)

     Here you can see my inspiration wall. All the art is from other artist that I admire. This wall gives me inspiration to make my own art....and it just makes me HAPPY:):) The smile sign is a vintage metal sign I got from Sweet Salvage.

      My Happy Art Swap cards are hanging on the line...and in the vintage crate in front of the line....more happy art that I love:):)

                       The flat files are filled to the brim with all kinds of paper:):) 
                                                 I just LOVE my studio:):) 
                                          Thanks so much for stopping by......
          Be sure to head over to Karen's for the linky party ...to see all the other studios:):)
         Now on to my 2 give-a-ways.... All I ask is that you leave me a comment as to which prize you would like a chance to win, and be a follower or become a follower to participate in my give-a-ways:):) 
        Quilting friends..... I will be sending you a fabric bundle with a pattern. 
                           (Color theme...teal/blue/limegreen)(wall hanging size)

       Mixed Media Friends...... I will be sending you a brand new "FLOW" magazine (tons of paper goodness fills this magazine) and 3 tags filled with wrapped washi tape on each tag. (all different color tapes)

             Thanks for stopping by my Artsy friends....Please have a great day:):)
                                           Much Love...... Sandie



Thursday, July 3, 2014

New studio Pieces

I have been out shopping for vintage furniture of late....fell in love with this map chest...

 ...which I brought home....YES!!!! Now I don't have to cut up my big sheets of paper...I can leave them big.
 Went to Sweet Salvage...and fell in love again.... I have never seen an aqua mannequin before.
                                                ..and she came home with me...Yeah!!!!
 ...I also picked up this older jewelry box...totally going to put my bling finds in these drawers!!!!
This nice big book case was found by my friend Karen Valentine... ( the shelves are missing because I never put them back in when we brought it into the house.).....Karen also found the teal frames too when she was at Sweet Salvage.

 Then I bought Annie Sloan's Chalk paint...to paint my quilt rack....never used it before..so we will see....

I was able to just use water and a paper towel to rub off some of the chalk paint..to give my quilt rack the used look!!! It is officially "Sandie-proof"...lol!!! If you knew me...you would say...I need that paint...If Sandie can do it...then it really works:):)
 Then I went out with my hubs and found this amazing piece!!!! Painted white...and it will be perfect!!!
 ...and on the same day I found this cubby...that is my son standing behind it a size reference.

                                         ...a collection on shelves to hang or put on things...
           ...then went shopping with Karen Valentine and we found these super cool book cases!!!!
....and then finally I found this old sewing box....yummy!!!
I am going to re-vamp my art studio....So excited!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by...

Monday, June 30, 2014

Lifebook Update...2014

I am taking an online class called Lifebook...it is a one year class...at the end of the class, I will have a full art journal filled with lots and lots of art pages that I did through the year...these are the updates...to the last set I showed you all.

lesson 17, the teacher was Tascha Parkinson
 lesson 18, the teacher was Tamara Laporte

Lesson 19, the teacher was Danielle Daniel
Lesson 20, the teacher was Serena Bridgeman

Lesson 21, the teacher was Jenniebelle
and then...Lesson 23, the teacher was Tamara Laporte

Very happy with all my pages so far!!!
Thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New/Old Quilt update!!

I finally got all my block parts pulled together...now all I have to do is put all the triangles together...start with the smaller triangles that then make bigger triangles. After I get the top done...I will start the applique process. 

...and I have gotten the top made for my sewing machine cover...now I need to layer it and quilt it...then add ties.

I am running like a chicken with my head cut off....from traveling, to having guests,.... I am just now stopping to play catch up on all my art projects..and things that I owe people.

Then at the end of July ...I'm off and running again...this time off to Florida to see family:):)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cruise to Alsaka

 Went on a cruise with my family...the last time we went on a cruise...it was 18 years ago. For my 10th anniversary with my hubby. This time we decided to go to Alaska... to celebrate the safe return of our son from the Marines:):) He is now out and going to college.

                                                            ....leaving Seattle....
 I love that the room guy...who cleaned up our rooms everyday...made towel animals for us:):)

                                ....the guy behind our daughter photo bombed our picture....
                                                  ...we saw 3 humpback whales.....
      I was so not going to leave Alaska with out having Alaskan king crab..... YUMMMMMM!!!!!
                               ....the captain...took us to see an iceberg....super cool....
                   My hubby always teases me...that I can ALWAYS find a quilt shop...LOL!!!!!
                                             Not a bad way to relax for the day...sigh....
        We love having our Baby Bear home and safe and in one piece......we are blessed he came home to us. But, we are very grateful for those who have lost loved ones in this war.
                                                           Thanks for stopping by!!!!
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